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the recently vegan team

we make it a priority to provide a safe space for those who want to learn about veganism.


Hi! I am a mom to a wonderful little girl, Serenity, and to 4 adorable potbelly pigs. I have been vegan since August 2015, after a Crohn’s Disease complication sent my picky eating self into a serious diet change. Growing up, I was your typical “meat & potatoes” girl from the coast of New Jersey, where food is everything. I used to gag at the sight of soy milk or tofu, and basically the only vegetable I ate was broccoli, when covered in cheese. I have come a long way on this journey, and I started this website as a way to help others learn about and possibly embrace a vegan lifestyle.

Oink ate Kayli’s bio, so she is currently writing a new one.

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Jamie got stuck in a complicated yoga pose as she was thinking up her bio.

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Greetings! When I’m not pushing tin, I’m taking care of 1 parrot, 2 tarantulas, 2 elderly dogs, and 5 axolotls. Most came from rescues and people who no longer wanted them. But most of the time I play lots and lots of video games. Mainly World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy. My vegan journey was an on and off adventure that started when I decided to one day switch cold turkey to a raw vegan diet. And this was coming from being on a super adventurous eating style. Having done zero research, I did not stick to it for very long. But I really liked how energetic and clean I felt. That planted the seed in me that eating can really change how you feel. I have been severely lactose intolerant for well over 20 years now, so was already avoiding dairy as much as I could. I also preferred how I felt after eating fresh veggies rather than red meat. So the decision to make the switch began, but this time with a slower transition and more research. After watching loads of YouTube vegan channels (What I Ate In A Day type videos and recipes) I felt I had the mental ammo to make the switch. I am constantly craving to learn as much as I can about food, what goes into it, what it does to the body, and all the different ways to prepare it. I really enjoy answering questions to the best of my ability and with as little bias-ness as possible. So ask away!